Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Steps

We have now been in Northern Phuket almost one whole month, it sure seems like longer though. It has been a very busy time with Joe traveling 2 or 3 days a week back to our old home to continue the ministry there, and spending the remainder here in Phuket, but we know it is only for a time. The Lord has already done so much in confirming over and over again that this is the direction to go. Two weeks ago Joe was given the opportunity to guest speak at a local church, House of the Lord Patong, then that Friday we all went and met the head pastor over all the House of the Lord churches. Pastor Chanwit and Joe got along well and the meeting ended with a open invitation to guest speak there, at the main church, also. The past week we had a team of three come from CC Alpine and CC Camp Verde AZ to train in puppet ministry and also Inductive Bible Study, a method of studying the Bible, here in Phuket. Since the fellowship here is small we reached out to other churches that we have met over the last few months and one church in particular wanted to take part in the training. The Seed Church is the largest fellowship in Phuket and we were able to train about 7 members from their International fellowship in the IBS method. Unfortunately this week was the Thai New Year and therefor no Thai members wanted to take advantage of this training. We also had the oppoortunity to share the puppet training with a local Burmese fellowship that had in the past witnessed this style of ministry but was not trained or equipped. They were very excited that Pastor Kevin was not only able to train but also equip them with their own personal set of puppets to continue using the tools they had been taught.

Baby steps....I have titled this post baby steps because as we embark on this "new" mission, trying to establish and plant a new church in Phuket we must take baby steps. Meeting local Pastors, making our own new contacts and getting established in the communities that we would like to work. Informing all those that we would be working in the same area as.... baby steps. As you can see we are busy making these connections and nurturing those already made. Ministry is starting to take form and move forward as we continue to take these baby steps. Joe has been invited to speak at three local churches, two different House of the Lord Churches and also this Burmese fellowship where we did the puppet training. We have also been invited to do a weekly English Bible study in a home in Kamala, a small town closer to our target area. This needs much prayer while we work with the leadership of the church he attends weekly.... baby steps.

Home Bible Study
Continued favor with local Pastors and workers
More opportunities to share the Gospel
The Lords provision as we step out in ministry
Health of the family (continued health)

Friday, April 5, 2013


As I sit here and reflect on today I am so amazed and stand in awe at the marvelous things the Lord has done in my life and in the life of others. 9 months ago I was sitting in my home when my neighbor was in so much pain she needed to go to the hospital. Upon her return home the doctors gave her a report of her visit. Not understanding what was going on she gave me the report. It was written in English so I was able to read it. I read the words “Tubal Pregnancy”. As I read this my heart sank.  I knew how they longed to have a child. My heart was broken. I drew a diagram to try and explain what was going on. And my friend looked up and told me I will wait. I explained to her that it could be very dangerous. She was more than willing to take the risk.
The next day I walked over to pray for her and see how she was doing. She told me that God told her “He will put the baby in her womb”. I have to admit that my faith was not in the right place. All I could think was I saw the sonogram and read the doctor’s orders. I know God can change these things and circumstances. But at that moment all I could see was black and white.
The following week she returned to the Doctor for him to tell her that the egg was in the womb. It was such a testimony to me, and to those around her. When she told me I could hardly believe it. My heart was so heavy because I knew I lacked faith.
Today April 5th we welcomed little Yedidii (Jedediah) Beloved of God into the world. When I was holding him today I couldn’t help but to think of Matthew 17:20 “Faith the size of a mustard seed”. It’s an amazing testimony of faith. Not of mine but a dear friends. God hears our cries and knows our desires. He is also very capable to remove those mountains in our lives. We just need faith to do it.