Saturday, September 27, 2014

Long Time No Update

Hello everybody, it has come to our attention that it has been a LONG time since there has been an update? How the time flies. There has been so much that has happened over the last few months that even a very long update could not contain it, so there will be several short updates over the next few weeks to catch up. We want to say we are all doing well and the Lord is definitely doing a great work in our lives at this point in our lives. Of course when He does a work it is rarely comfortable as we are stretched and pulled, but we take great comfort in knowing we are in His hands and it is His hands that are doing the work.

For this series of catching up we will be starting from most recent to furthest away hitting the highlights.

The month of August brought about a great new change for us, both as a family and a ministry. August marked yet another move but this one we truly believe will be a more permanent one. We are currently not in any type of lease agreement, and that is nice. Probably the largest blessing was as we were doing some maintenance in order to move in, the kids expressed their excitement to finally have a home. We have moved around quite a bit over the last few years and the kids never felt "at home". It really blesses us as parents that our kids are finally comfortable and have a "home" not just a house. We as usual experienced difficulty getting established but after almost two months without internet and attempts to get it we have been blessed with internet service!! Our new house is within walking distance from the church which is really nice, we don't walk but in the even we had to we could. It sure is nice to not have to drive for up to an hour, depending on traffic, to and from the church. We also can receive mail, I think, at this house. Atleast the postman comes through delivering every few days. If you would like to send cards, letters, pictures or any thing else you can mail to 18/11 Prabaramee 2 Patong, Khatu, Phuket, 83150.

We will have some better updates coming soon really just wanted to touch base and re-establish communication with everyone. God bless