Saturday, January 17, 2015

World Race and Exciting News

Up and running again sorry for the delay

I bet you all thought I forgot and fell off the map again... NOPE, still here, busy as ever. As promised I wanted to give a brief update in regards to what has been happening over the last month or so.

Over the last few months we have been in contact with World Race, a missions organization that puts young adults on the missions field for 11 months at a time. With the team members being in a 11 countries in 11 months. We have been approved as a Host ministry, and hosted our first team this November. The team was made up of 6 girls. Not exactly what we were expecting or had prepared for really but that is what the Lord had in mind, not our plans but Yours O Lord. Although not what we had expected, everything turned out wonderfully.Due to the fact it was an all girl team it actually opened up the doors for ministry I should not, actually cannot do. A majority of their time was spent on Bangla Road, the local red light district, in the bars ministering to and loving the bar girls. For obvious reasons not a ministry I can do. Sarah was able to go on several occasions and began to make contacts there for future ministry. While the team was here the Lord also opened the door wide for the University ministry. We made weekly, almost daily trips to the Uni to teach English and have a great time with the students there. Again we have many new contacts within the University that we are currently working with on a regular basis, as we build relationships towards the Gospel. It was really nice having the girls around, both for us and the kids, the kids don't get much English fellowship and the girls really felt the Lord leading them to encourage the kids, praise the Lord, they really need it. Thank you Lord for the World Race team and we look forward to hosting more

Ministry at the University has been slow going but we were blessed with the opportunity to host one of the Professors for Thanksgiving, he joined us and got to experience a Christian Thanksgiving, not only hearing of all the great things the Lord has done in our lives but enjoying some really great traditional Thanksgiving food.

Some other things that had been in the works before the team came were some individual ethnic studies.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we did an outreach to the Burmese, it is now a weekly fellowship meeting with worship, and teaching, along with a great time of actual fellowship. The original group was about 5, we have seen the Lord draw His people and the last two weeks we have had over 10 in attendance. This study begins at 12:30am and we try to finish before 3am, Yes that is AM. The Lord has also brought some Pakistani asylum seekers into the English fellowship. They have been coming weekly now for several months as the Lord frees their demanding work schedules. Upon talking to them we discovered there are actually more that would like to come but they cannot due to work or other things... But given the opportunity they will attend fellowship. SOOO we have also begun a Pakistani fellowship. Actually as I write this I am preparing to head off to fellowship with them. The Pakistani fellowship has grown to 5 and begins after work on Wednesday, 12:00 am. We generally finish about 2. The Lord is beginning to reveal the leaders in both of these groups already and some real kingdom building desires. Both fellowships will be independent in ministry yet joined as the greater body of Patong International Fellowship.  Please pray for these and other studies we would like to start as the Lord makes a way. In our immediate area we have Russian, Khmer, and Vietnamese, as well as the groups we are already working with and of course Thai.

On a personal note we had a beautiful Thanksgiving with turkey and all the fixins' it was great. For the most part we are all healthy and excited for the work the Lord is doing, as always remember us in your prayers and check back often to stay caught up. If you like you can subscribe and be updated automatically.

Burmese Members at the Christmas Party

World Race Team and the Family

Some Pakistani Members singing at the Christmas Party