Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23 2011

I have the opportunity so I am taking it one last time here in the Philippines. I fly out tomorrow morning starting at six am headed to Manila and then Lax. Arriving at midnight. I wanted to update everyone as to the latest things involving the youth the last post spoke of: As I mentioned they speak very little English so Pastor Joshua had been praying about a youth study in Locso-on, our village and we had been praying that someone would take on the task of these young men, I am here to report that God is still faithful, Last week Joshua started the bible study with about seven young men PTL. This was a gospel message that all seven readily accepted and made confessions. I regretfully have to say that not all took it seriously and immedietly returned to their normal lives, however I am so thankful that four or five of the seven took this as a serious deal. Philippinos are very shy people and really aren't very outgoing until they have met and made friends atleast this has been my experience while here. The first time they attended church was a cultural dance lesson with "ew yuck" girls LOL. At first they would not participate and even left, only to return the next day to try again. Long story short they are active in youth group now and we continue to pray for these and many other youth to come to know Christ as King! Please keep the fam in prayer as I will be away for almost a month, Marissa is so far taking it the hardest. Also there is a supposed typhoon on the way, it keeps changing direction and forecast so pray it will not hit home to hard especially while I am not there. I hope to have the chance to visit many of you stateside. God Bless.

Youth Camp and recent other events

We have had the exciting opportunity to
serve the Lord in many different areas and been blessed in doing so.
As I have stated school has been out now for some time and that has
opened the door for alot of time with the children of our borongay. We
(the americans) have had some real breakthroughs with the youth around
our house. For the last few months we have been ministering to one
such youth, he is about 15, both of his parents have been dead since
he was in 2nd or 3rd grade. He actually watched his father die while
they were getting drunk together. This young man as you can imagine
is full of hurt. At any rate the young man spent most of the time that
he is not at work drinking and being a street child, up to no good. He
doesn't speak hardly any english so communication is minimal. He has
spent several months just observing us and our daily lives, recently
he has showed much interest in Christ. For almost two months he is
alcohol free and we were blessed with the opportunity to sponsor him
to youth camp, where he could hear the gospel message in his language.
There is one other such boy who we had a huge breakthrough with, from
the time of our arrival he has been a thorn in our side. Even to the
point of Sarah having to have him escorted off our porch drunk because
he was demanding money, I was at the time doing some business in
Manilla. About a month ago at the basketball court the Lord sparked
something in this young man, he is now somewhat active in the
Lalawigan youth group and again had the chance to attend the youth
conference. These are just two of the lives that have been changed by
the witness of us 9 americans. As I stated in my last letter the youth
camp was a huge blessing. We had a very rough start as both vehicles
broke down on the way, the jeepny had two flat tires in the middle of
the "jungle" with all the Lalawigan youth and Marissa and the
multi-cab that I was driving broke down at Jollibee the Philippines Mc
Donalds, with the remainder of the Nelsons and the Catbalogan youth,
it would not start and had to go to the shop for repairs. We arrived
late but no harm done. After the initial trials all was well and
without hitch. The first day was sports events in which we missed most
of, the schedule was adjusted and all fit well. We had seven sessions
and three workshops. The theme was I want to be more like Jesus. Sarah
and I were given the task of teaching a drama workshop, being that I
am a drama expert it was no problem J/K. The task at hand was rather
interesting as I never really took an active role in drama until
arriving here in October. The thing was to teach not a drama but
rather teach the importance and effectiveness of the YFT drama
technique, using real life situations and applying scripture to them.
Dan and Becky were gracious enough to equip us with their video and
music disk as well as the drama book explaining each of the dramas, I
in return passed this information on to five youth groups reaching as
far as Cebu. What a blessing. All three days were exhausting and a
huge blessing seeing the youth be challenged in being more like Jesus,
and to see two boys hear about Jesus and how He loves them. The week
ended with us going to Calbayog with plans to spend a few days with
Pastor Ron and doing some fishing. Well... welcome a level one
typhoon! So it is official we have experienced just about all this
group of Islands has to offer save a volcano. Praise the Lord all have
been relatively small and we have not been harmed in any of them. We
are currently in Tacloban for tonight and tomorrow, we will travel
home Thursday. Today we had to say goodbye to Caleb, one of the other
americans that will most likely not be returning to the Philippines,
what a blessing to have this time with him and to get to see another
young man follow the call of the Lord no matter what emotions say. I
have yet to upload photos as my equipment is at our home I will try to
get some up soon. On another note in two weeks I will be heading home
for a few weeks to take care of a few things and spend some time with
Pastor Gerry Brown in regards to our upcoming transfer to Thailand.
Please keep this in prayer. On that note a few other prayer requests:
The two boys that attended youth that I spoke of earlier that this
time with Jesus would have an everlasting effect. The youth in general
that they would take this time in their lives to make the decision to
follow Him and not waver. The fellow americans traveling home that
they would have safe travel. And just us in general, health, love,
example,witness etc. Thank you and God Bless.