Monday, May 25, 2015

Catching up Once again

Some how we managed to get months behind on our updates once again! Thankfully the last few months have been fairly regular and I will attempt to get all caught up.

The month of March went by like a flash, with a World Race team, travel to America, and Pastor Eric coming down for a month to fill in for my absence.

World Race, although the team came just at the end of the semester of University ministry we were able to do a 3 day extra-curricular English Camp on Student leadership. The camp was supposed to have 28 students but being that is was the week after the semester ended, considerably less showed up. By the end of the camp we were down to about 10. Praise the Lord for this as it enabled us to really build some relationships with the students as apposed to just teacher/student. This allowed for some real personal conversations, including some real questions regarding Christianity. The camp was small but effective and anyway who are we to question numbers? Due to this camp we have been asked to do another English camp when school resumes in August with possible  400 students. Some of the other ministry the WW team was able to participate in was teaching English at the church 3 days a week. There were days that we had to use the restaurant across the street because the church was just too full. At one time I believe we had 28 students! English teaching has really become one of the most effective ways to minister to the Thai community and we are excited for this opportunity to share the Lord and be a blessing in the area in which we live. English classes have taken a 2 week break to allow for the students to adjust back into the school year, they will pick up again tomorrow.

Travel to America, the day after the WW team left, I did as well. I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to the States for one month. This one month was to mostly share what the Lord has been doing here in Phuket, sharing the vision, gaining support, meeting some needs and getting others to share the load by joining the "team". I flew out March 27, and flew back April 27, Two days before our 10th wedding anniversary. Though the time was short and many people I would have liked to visit were missed the time was very beneficial. During the month I was able to share at 3 new churches and 4 small groups. I was also able to speak at a few locations that I have spoken at before. Thank you to Calvary Chapel Placerville, Calvary Chapel Truckee, Calvary Chapel Valle Vista, Calvary Chapel Romoland, and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Seniors for allowing me the time to speak and share. Thank you Lord for supplying our needs. One of the big needs we are trying to meet is furlough, we have now been on this trip just over 2 years, and it would be nice to visit, take a break and get refreshed. The Lord provided a huge chunk of this need however we are still lacking. We are praying that we can come for furlough at the end of this year or beginning of next. From the time spent in America about 5 people expressed interest in coming over for different periods of time to assist in the ministry.

Pastor Eric come for a visit, as the door opened for a trip home, one huge hindrance to the trip was someone to do the teaching while I was gone. As we are a new ministry leadership training is still in the process. I called pastor Eric and asked what where the chances he would be free to come down for the month, as it were he was already planning to come to Phuket for "summer" vacation. Ticket prices just so happen to be during the time Eric was already planning on being here, and he was more than willing to fill the position! Praise the Lord! Pastor Eric came down March 23 or so and left April 28. Perfect timing, His timing is always perfect. Thank you Lord and thank you Pastor Eric, MJ, Aubrey, Jana.

Ministry is back full swing. The time back in the states was both, fruitful and insightful. The Lord gave direction and focus, and we are now walking in what He has opened up, feeling our way along for His perfect will and allowing those "other" things to fall by the wayside. In the initial months of this new direction many doors were opened, and many opportunities taken, but not all things are from the Lord. The Lord has us here for a very specific purpose, and we must walk in that alone. Our focus must remain steadfast, opportunities are great but they are not all for us. We are focusing on our different language studies, English ministry, and purposeful intensive leadership training. "Other" things must not divide our focus and draw us away. Please pray for this as we discern what the "other" things are and walk in obedience to our Lord.

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