Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well it is officially 2012! 2011 was a year of trials, changes and many many blessings. This last couple months the Lord has really been showing me the shortcomings of man including myself. This Holiday season especially. Why is it we are ok to settle with only giving Christ the honor he deserves during this time of year? We make a huge deal out of Christmas and Easter but then it is back to normal? Did Christ not shed His blood to cover our sins every day? Did the beginning and ending of His life not save us from our wretched selves every day? Of course the answer is yes, yet we are satisfied to this limited exaltation. So many New Years resolutions... lose weight, better job, do better in life, etc. How about put Christ in His rightful place of preeminence in our lives? This should be each of our goals, as Christians to honor Him and make Him known, by word and deed.

This holiday season has brought about many opportunities to share the Love of Christ here in Thailand, and we have been so blessed to be a part of that. I think we have had more chances to share from the Word in the last three weeks than in months past. Christmas in Thailand is much different than the Philippines where we spent last Christmas, here Christ is not the reason for the season, Christmas is just a time for family, parties and presents, just like many other parts of the world, this has allowed us to share the message of Christ and the meaning of Christmas with fervor.

The Nelson family Christmas was really good, we had a small get together with the Johansens' and spent the day as a family around the house. The kids where all blessed with bikes from Grandma and a few items of clothing. They are especially excited about the bikes of course.

Enough about Christmas! We are currently separated with three of us, Joey, Jacob, and Myself are with Pastor Eric in Ban Nam Khem, Southern Thailand, serving among our Thai and Burmese brothers and sisters for about a month doing some training, evangelism, and general encouragement. While Sarah, Tyler, and Marissa are back at home with MJ doing the ministry there. Please remember this time in your prayers, for the separation, and the ministry in both places.

Joey just turned 13! I can hardly believe it, my son is a teenager.

Sorry I dont have any photos but will try to get some up soon. I will end this post just wanted to share what the Lord has been doing and also share about our Christmas. God Bless.

Salvation for Thailand
The youth the Lord has entrusted us with
Our time apart
Steadfastness in the Word
The going out of the Gospel

Sunday, December 18, 2011


It has been a while since the last post as I have been waiting for some new news to report. And I have it!
This last month has been a different month for us. Although our normal ministry has been slowed down, we have been very busy with daily life and miscellaneous ministry opportunities. Last week I (Joe) had the chance to accompany Pastor Eric and Mj to Central Thailand for a time of fellowship and a tour of the ministry there. We had a really great time, for me to see all the different areas of ministry there and also to talk and pray with Pastor Eric as we tried to catch a vision for that area of Thailand. Pastor Eric also taught in the church he pastored while in Central Thailand.
This month all of our film showing appointments fell through so we were unable to do that  but the Lord had other plans for us, we have been busy with other stuff here in Mae Sariang.
Our weekly bible study is going really good, I think most of the attendees that were coming for the novelty of the Americans have since left and we are left with about six kids that are showing some real interest in the Gospel and Christ. There are a few girls that we are really excited to see what the Lord does with them as they continue to seek Him. Due to this interest we have started doing service on Sunday also for those that would like to attend, so far we have had two of these services and both times we had 3 or 4 kids attend, we will see what the Lord does with this, prayerfully this is the beginning of a Thai Church plant.
A few months back I was invited to teach at a local Karen Baptist Church today December 18. I think it went really well, I had one of the better translators to assist me which was great. I had the opportunity to share about the birth of Christ, my text was Isaiah 9:6 with the emphasis on the Gift that was given through the birth of Christ. It is exciting when the Lord reveals His truths to you.
Joey and I went hunting Thursday with our Thai Karen friend Peter, we did not kill anything but we did have a great time of fellowship. We also hiked for about 6 hours most of which was straight up. I am so out of shape! Tomorrow we, Joey and I, will be helping in the fields, we will be planting a soy bean crop.
Sarah is still excelling in teaching English, the classes keep growing and there has been a new class started, teaching English for professionals, Business English. For the time Sarah is teaching this course, however I have been invited to teach it, I am prayerfully considering it. The school is also looking for another teacher to teach a pre-beginner English class. Tonight we went to eat with Tar, the school director, and he had many compliments for Sarah and her teaching. It is really neat to see how the Lord is blessing this school as a witness of Himself.
I want to thank all of our supporters for you continued support in the tough economy and also through this Holiday season, so THANK YOU!
May the Lord Bless you and may you Have a very Merry Christ centered Season.

Here are some prayer requests:
Salvation!!! The people around us need the Lord to Save them.
Baby church plant and Bible study
Direction in ministry from the Lord
Continued health