Tuesday, January 22, 2013


HI Everyone,
 Just a little update to let you all know what’s going on. As you know we left on Thurs. Jan 17 and arrived here in Thailand Sat. Jan 19.That was the best plane ride I have ever been on. Thank you Lord for no turbulence! By the time we arrived in Bangkok we were greeted with warm smiles from Pastor Ehkhaw and Jason, Cassie and Kerah. What a blessed time it was. Cassie and I (Sarah) enjoyed a nice cup of Starbucks and fellowship, while the men sat together and had a pow-wow. It was short but sweet.
As most of you know we left with a cold, so traveling was a little difficult. While we were on our 12 hour bus ride heading home Marissa woke up at 2 in the morning having a croup attack. Croup is not a fun thing to be dealing with, especially when on a bus in Thailand in the middle of nowhere. The Lord showed himself faithful and we were able to get immediate medical attention and a hotel. We finally made it home to Ban Nam Khem Sun.Jan.20.
Since we have been home Joe has had many ministry meetings, all going well. Pii Kaeng finished his commitment and went home yesterday. He will be greatly missed but we are so blessed to see that the Lord has changed his heart. Also a lot of things have happened here since we have been gone. We lost a  very dear Burmese church member that had succumbed to sickness. We know that she is with Lord so we rejoice in knowing that. Also, a lady that had just recently started walking with Lord passed away from Tb and aids. After talking with her I believe we will see her heaven as well. With that said please  pray for the families of these women and that the Lord will use these circumstances to bring others to Him. Again thank you to all who helped make it possible for us to go home and get some much needed rest. I will be sending another update in about a week or so.
Prayer Needs:
Our family’s health
Salvation for Thailand
Magina and Minge’s families Salvation
Partnering with us in our mission