Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finally all caught up

I promised one last "Catching Up" post. Sorry it took so long it is hard to get a good picture. The last part of catching up is possibly to biggest, atleast physically. About 6 months ago we had a few friends visiting from both America and the Philippines to assist in the Bible Training Center, both were guest teachers. As many of you know we were blessed with an old truck a while back, during this time, when we had visitors it decided to die. Quite literally. The repairs on the truck were almost $800, an amount we could not afford and also an amount that was becoming rather frequent. The truck although a huge blessing from the Lord, was quickly becoming impossible to keep on the road. We had a very large problem on our hands, guests, no transportation and no money. It is funny when we find ourselves in this position, that is when we are most driven to prayer. The Lord has always been good to us in His perfect provision for all things, and we continued to trust Him in this. Since our arrival in Thailand we have been praying for reliable transportation and we have been mobile almost upon arrival. Not always reliable but in HIS perfect timing all things worked out. As we prayed, especially in times like this, the kids sometimes almost mocked us, by saying things like do you really think God will just give us a "new" car. All the while we just encouraged them to have faith and see just what God had for us. Mind you they were really the ones that suffered the most. In the back of a truck with minimal air flow at best, uncomfortable and like most kids a little embarrassed by the state of the truck. God is SOO amazing! As we really cried out to the Lord in regards to transportation I received a call from a fellow Christian, working and leading a church North of here about 4 hours. He had found a new job, in China, and wanted to know if I wanted his car. If I could make the payments, which I could not, the car was ours. Car check. One step down many to go.  Naturally we began to crunch numbers and really pray that God would make a way, because honestly there was none. We also asked our friends to join us in prayer regarding this opportunity, never did we imagine what God was doing. I dropped our visitors off at the Bible school for the week with a commitment to continue to pray for this. When I went to pick them up they informed us that the Lord had placed it on their hearts, they would commit to make the payments until enough others had partnered with them or we were able to make the payments ourselves. Car Check, monthly payments...CHECK! As we began to find out what else this entailed  we discovered there was considerably more to transfer the loan name change remove old co-signer etc. Next step find a co-signer (Thai national). I wont go into all the details but lets just say God showed up in a huge way. We were able to sell the old truck for just enough to cover the repairs that were made and the transfer fees to  Toyota. As of November 6 we have made 5 payments on THIS....

It is a 1 year old Toyota Avenza. 7 seater. When we received it, it had 8+++ kilometes on the odometer. Do we think the Lord is just going to give us a "new" car.... well no not exactly. But we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt He had something great in store for us. Never could we imagine it would literally be a BRAND NEW CAR!  Now to Him who is able  to do above and beyond all that we ask or think  according to the power  that works in us to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21

We thank you for your prayers and continued support.

Coming soon.... World race and New Bible Studies!! Check back often to stay "in the loop"