Tuesday, September 25, 2012


  As you have read in previous post we accepted our first guy into the restoration ministry. Things are going great Kaeng seems to responding great to the gospel. Everyday Joe and Kaeng get up and do devotions in the morning. During this time lots of questions arise. We know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Let us continue to pray for this man’s salvation. Joe and Kaeng also have had the opportunity to work out on a fish farm belonging to one of the local pastors. Their ministry blessed us with two good sized groupers this last week and they were delicious. God has such amazing provision for His people.
Things have been fairly busy for Joe managing two ministries. However, we know that God will never give us more than we can handle. What a blessing it is to be used by the Lord. As you know some of our members cannot read. So on Tuesday nights Joe holds a reading for them and it’s been going great. The members have grown so much just by being able to hear the word of God. They are starting to make correlations between movies, such as the Jesus film, and the Bible. They are able to see how things fit together. I can’t help but to think how I take for granted that I can pick up my bible and read it any time. Or how privileged I am to be able to read. And when I see those who don’t have bibles or can’t read or it’s not in their native language and they hunger for His word I am blessed. They take the Word for face value, no digging or looking too far into things, just pure, simple, child like faith.
We (The Nelsons) are so excited…This is the first time in two years that we will spend Christ’s birthday with our immediate and church family.  It is very hard for us as we want to spend this time with  both our new family and with our family back home. We are very torn but through much prayer we know that it’s time for us to go home for a short time, get refreshed, raise our support and share our vision with the church back home. Joe and I both have a lot of preparations to make during this time. Thank you all who have prayed, supported our family and, made it possible for us to go back to the States for a visit. We hope to spend time with all of our friends and family while there.
Prayer requests
For Kaeng and his salvation
The church here in Ban Nam Khem in Joe’s absence
That all the necessary preparations are made before we leave
For those that hear the word of God
Traveling Mercies for The Nelsons (we will travel on Oct.11 back to America)

Morning Devotions

Joey and Rex

Wednesday Night Bible Study