Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Things have been pretty hoppin here in the South. A total of 11 bombs have gone off all around Southern Thailand, even 2 here in our town of Patong. All told there have ben 4 deaths and about 40 injured. We are very thankful that while the action was in our town...we were not. In addition to the 11 bombs there have been multiple incendiary devices many that have been effective and even more have been retrieved and disposed of. I think the damage from these devices is upward of 40,000,000 baht or just over 1,000,000  USD. The attacks appear to have stopped although daily they are finding a device or two, again all throughout the south. The latest reports have said the bombings are at the command of a single man, carried out by several individuals. One man is in custody as the search continues for more. The information we have been given is that they are not from an international group but rather a local anti-government group. Although at first this was all a little unnerving upon the release of information it became clear we were in no real danger and life would continue at a fairly normal pace, heightened awareness, and avoidance of public areas if possible aside.

As mentioned above during all this madness we were not in town, actually we were north a few hours where we led the Thai/Burmese church several years ago, Ban Naam Khem. We are now ending the 3rd year of studies at a Bible training center that has began at Calvary Chapel BNK.  This year I had the privilege of teaching through the Pastoral Epistles, 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon. The time was very fruitful and a huge blessing to be able to spend there with young Burmese Bible students.  We traveled there as a family and stayed one week, while Marty and team held down the fort here in Phuket.

Please remember Thailand in your prayers as the time is uncertain, especially with the bombings. Thank you and God bless