Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Better late than never!!!

Here is the latest update as of about 3 weeks ago. It has been delayed due to internet issues and being very busy. Keep watching for the newest info God Bless

On the road again
This week we will be moved and hopefully all settled in our new home in Kamala Beach. I am very excited for this move however; however we are also going to miss our current village. We have made so many friends and have been a part of so much here. I know the Lord knows best and His Will, will be accomplished in and through us.
I have so much news for this update, so please don’t grow weary reading. Through much prayer and fasting we have decided to partner with another missionary couple from AGM (Asia Gospel Missions) to church plant in the city. Dan and Liza are the names of the couple that we have been working with. Absolutely amazing people and so blessed to be working with them. As a church body we have been meeting at a church that allows us to use their facilities in the afternoons. We are currently looking and praying for a building to use, as we are not sure how long they will allow us to worship there. Please lift this up for us. This is officially the first week we will be having Childrens Sunday school classes. Which will be taught by Sam and myself (Sarah). Joe and Dan have been alternating teaching through the book of Romans. Most of the members are in the music industry here so our worship is always amazing.  So many things to do! I don’t think I really realized how much work it is when starting from scratch. I am super excited and can’t wait to see what the Lord is doing with all of this.
The same church we are meeting at also has a youth department with a heart for evangelism and they are  allowing us, Joey, Sam and me (Sarah) to go and train their youth in evangelism. We will be going on the 7th of Sept. This youth department has permission to go into the local high school and do evangelism. Praise The Lord!
Joe left for the North of Thailand this week to attend the graduation of CCTCT (Calvary Chapel Training Center Thailand) students. We are so blessed to be involved with Pastor Eric and his wife Mj as they continue on in teaching and training through the word.
As Joe had mentioned in our last blog the Lord impressed upon the heart of Pastor Dana and his wife Cindy to give us one of their trucks. What an answer to prayer! The Lord knows our needs and provides them through ways we least expect. We do still need to put in a new engine. We live near the ocean and the salt water has eaten through the metal and it’s an old truck. By faith the Lord gave us the truck and I am sure by faith he will provide a way to fix it. No place would I rather be than relying on the Lord to provide my needs; helps me keep a humble heart.
The kids are all doing well in school. We are moving and I believe I will need to go back to full time homeschooling. Joey should be starting his first year of high school. This is my first high school student  so we have no curriculum. If anyone has any material or suggestions please let me know.
After my last post maybe a day or two later I fell ill with Dengue Fever or( break bone fever).It was the worst 2 weeks of flu like symptoms I have ever experienced. Praise the Lord I pulled through. The only lasting effects that it has had on me are extreme fatigue and some paralysis of the face. But nothing serious the doctor said it would go away soon. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and to see what the Lord is doing here in Thailand.
Prayer requests
Pray for our new church (Still praying about a name)
Pray for a building to worship and the finances to do so
For Gods love and grace to be abundantly poured out here in Thailand
New engine in our truck
Nelson Kids schooling