Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Over the last month we have had a lot of changes… As we continue to transition out of the Nam Khem Church we are continually blown away at the hand of the Lord, as he orchestrates things in His perfect timing and will. As most of you know we have now fully moved down south to the island of Phuket, we are on the Northern most tip of the island about 1 hour from “town” and about 1.5 hours from Nam Khem. When we made the arrangement to get this place we had to sign a lease for 8 months, by then we figured we would have some idea of what the future may hold. We have had a wonderful time of fellowship and training with the saints here at Calvary at the Bridge but upon the return of their Pastor we are freed to seek out the plans of the Lord more freely. Dana Bratton and his wife Cindy returned last Sunday and have been able to completely regain leadership of the fellowship here. Praise the Lord they are back. During our stay here though the Lord has opened many doors and as we continue to walk in faith to His directing, Sarah and Sam now have an “English” class two days a week where the neighborhood kids come and learn some English but mostly get to witness the Love of the Lord. English is a great tool here as everyone wants to learn the language. Of course it would be dishonest if we only used it as a rues to get the kids in, so there is definitely teaching taking place, just not our focus. We have seen this style of ministry work great in other parts of the country and are trying to replicate that model during our time here in Northern Phuket. Joe is still traveling back and forth to Nam Khem for weekly Bible study and assisting in the transition phase of the Thai church. He also frequently gets invited to guest speak at local churches here in Phuket  that in the past have had to be turned down, with the Bratton’s return he is now able to have some of these engagements. Something that has been a little hang-up lately is the kids schooling as it occupies all the time in the home, after much prayer we feel Thai school is the best option and the three younger kids start school this Thursday, 16th. In addition to the Thai schooling we will supplement with our own English to ensure a proper understanding of their mother tongue. Joey unfortunately is unable to attend due to his inability to read/write/speak Thai. To enter into High School there is an exam that must be taken and he is not proficient enough to complete this exam, he will continue in his online schooling.

Transitions…. Seems like we are always in a transition. This is the third in three years, kinda rough but always neat to see the Hand of God working in and though our lives. As we have been stretched we have been taught, and as we have been taught we have grown. We are confident that the work of the Lord is never finished  but the time of preparation and training is drawing to an end, where we will be able to embark on our own personal journey, not in the shadows or footsteps of our dear co-laborers. Please remember us in your prayers.

As you remember please pray for:

Ohm-I have been asked to take in another young man for discipleship. He has some addiction issues as well as other things. Tired of his life and wants a change.

Health- We seem to be catching every bug that flies by and they are so nice to only hit one of us at a time, slowly working their way through all 7 of the team. Currently it is Sam and Sarah, this last bug has gone through all the boys and now the girls turn.

Bible studies- Home Bible studies are going to be the focus for a time as we scout for an area and base. Please pray for contacts and homes to be opened for the teaching of His word.

Traveling safety for Joe and Joey as they travel back and forth to Nam Khem.

New school year for the kids and understanding of the teaching/patience for the teacher

Finances- Praise the Lord our monthly budget has been met 5 months in a row! All our needs are being met, please continue to pray for this area as ministry grows so does the expense.

English Class Outreach. Please pray for the kids as they come to learn English that during this time the Lord would grab hearts. 

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