Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exciting News

The original call to Thailand is finally being answered! After almost three years the Nelson family will finally be making the trek to Southern Thailand. During  the time Sarah and I were in Ban Nam Khem, November 2009, the Lord really spoke that we would be serving there, but that just never seemed to be "in the cards" so to speak, however during this last trip the Lord has confirmed His original calling and we will be headed down near the end of February. The local Thai pastor has stepped down and he and his family will return to the North where they are originally from. We will be taking their position. It is so amazing how the Lord works in His timing, not ours. Just as we are getting settled here in the North, getting comfortable, He confirms something that has been in His plan all along. We so often get distracted and forget what He has put in our hearts but He is faithful and never forgets. The whole family is very excited about this new chapter and new responsibility and cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do. Pastor Eric and the Nelson family will be leaving the North around the 20th and head down South to meet with Pastors Cliff, Gerry, and the rest of the team around the 1st of March. Please keep this big move in prayer, also the visit from America. This next year is going to be exciting. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. It will be hard leaving our new friends and family here in Mae Sariang but we all find comfort knowing that it is the Lord's will. We will miss everyone here, that is for sure. 

Prayer Requests:

Salvation for Thailand
Upcoming Move
Upcoming Visit from America
Continued Growth of Small Church here
The New Task of Leading a Church
Steadfastness in the Word
Growth in the Grace and Knowledge of Christ

Thank you for all your prayers and support. God Bless. 


Here are some of the photos that I  have been promising, I am sorry to admit that most of our christmas photos were lost due to a crashed hard drive. Pictures are as follows Inductive Bible Study training Calvary Chapel Ban Nam Khem Burmese,
Pastor Trip Kimball teaching at the CDC to local Thai leaders Pastor Jason Goh translating (IBS training), Pastor Eric Johansen IBS training CCBNK Aseti translating, Nelson kids being surprised by their bicycles Christmas morning thank you Gma Kathy, Marissa and the Johansen girls making Christmas cookies, Tyler riding the puppy around on his new bike.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almost Done!

It has now been over three weeks since the boys and I were home and we are very ready to be there. The trip has been and will be to the end a huge blessing, but it has also been very long.

Pastor Trip Kimball is here with Eric and I. He arrived about a week ago and will leave I think Sunday. Pastor Trip has over the years worked out a workshop for teaching Inductive Bible Study and that is what brings him here to Southern Thailand. In the last week we have completed two such workshops, and will finish the third tonight at 9 p.m. The three consist of one to the Thai believers here in Nam Khem and two to Burmese, one here and one about a half hour away in Khoa Lak. It has been a huge blessing to be able to partner with Pastor Trip in this area of ministry, having the opportunity to train leaders how to study in this fashion. Tomorrow morning we will head about an hour away, near Phuket for another three day workshop, then FINALLY make the twenty four hour drive home.

Aside from the IBS training we have had the opportunity to share the Love of Christ with many non believers here in the area with great response. It is such a blessing to see people recognize their sin and begin to seek Christ for the redemption found only in Him. Due to the IBS workshops at night we have not had many more video showings but that is ok as there are still many open doors to share in our down time. Thank you for all your prayers during this long trip.

Sarah will finish teaching at Mylongyee January 28th, which is of the Lord. This will free her up for many other areas of ministry. Thank you also for all your prayers during this time of teaching it has been a real blessing.

The kids are all good just missing the vacant parent on both ends of the country. Joey attended the IBS training also and was blessed by it. They have all been on break since Christmas but will begin schooling again when we return home. It really worked out good as their break was to be from Thanksgiving to Christmas anyway.

I think that is about all for now. Please remember us in you prayers.

I apologize there are still no pictures available... working on it promise! There should be a photo post soon (next week or two)

Salvation for Thailand
Urgency to repent of sin (both saved and unsaved)
Furtherance of the Gospel
Upcoming visit Pastors Cliff and Gerry and crew
Direction for the Nelson's ministry