Friday, February 24, 2012

Ban Nam Khem

We have almost finished our first week now here in Ban Nam Khem, Southern Thailand. While we were heading down we found out that there was a house waiting for us to stay in when we arrived. Pastor Eckaw found a small house for rent in Nam Khem that will suit us for the time before the current Pastor and his family head to their home area. It is small but nice and much better than what we were planning, cramming into the church office or other available space. And did I mention, it is Lakeside! Our back yard is about 15 feet and then lake.
 The trip down was sooo long, we left Mae Sariang at 4 am Sunday and arrived around 10 am Monday, driving through the night. We were so blessed by the Lord and His provision of a great rental truck, it fit all 7 people, 2 dogs, and all our belongings. This was a huge area of prayer for a while as we made online arrangements that were just too good to be true, well make no mistake they were too good to be true and nothing hidden, the Lord is just so faithful.
We are so grateful to be able to serve the Lord here and for this time of transition with Pastor Pichai. It has been nice to fellowship with him and do ministry with him while we get to know the church members. This week we had a midweek, went to visit, pray, and encourage the members, and also had the Friday combined service.  This next month will be fun and challenging as we learn the “ropes” of Nam Khem ministry.
Today we helped assist some of the Burmese and Pastor Pichai set tile in the sanctuary, actually we just grouted but whatever. It is funny how the Lord works, Sarah and I were just talking and praying about doing something like this, when we arrived there was a huge stack of tile waiting to be set. Sarah, Joey, Eric, and myself all helped with this task.
Yesterday we had the opportunity to go fishing, that was fun, of course! And I think that about raps up our first week here. 

Prayer Requests:
Guidance, humility, strength, love
Smooth transition

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