Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24

I guess it has been a while since I updated the blog. Ooops!
We are all doing good, just serving the Lord here in Southern Thailand. A few weeks ago we all come down with a cold that lasted about two weeks but we are all healthy again, Praise the Lord. Calvary Chapel Ban Nam Khem is part of an evangelical prayer meeting of local pastor/leaders that get together once a month for prayer and fellowship, this month they offered a retreat at a resort about 31/2 hours away. The retreat was offered at a great discount, we were able to attend. It was a great time of R&R with a great group of people, split about 50/50 between Thai and foreigners. I personally spent most of the time resting in the A/C while the kids spent most of their time in the pool. Definitely a needed get away time of refreshment. Each evening we had a few hours of worship and fellowship. Thank you Lord for providing a great, affordable time of rest in You.

I attempted to enroll Joey in the local High School with no luck. He did not meet the requirements to attend. This school has a half English, half Thai program that would have been great for Joey to attend, however he must read and write Thai. There was a chance we had a way to work around it but they did not approve. We will be spending this school year really working on that aspect so that before next year Joey can take the 6th grade Thai exam and attend next year. We are hoping to enroll the other boys also next year as this year has already started and we are hoping to have furlough that would disrupt their education here.

Sarah has started an English program for the Burmese church members using the same curriculum she used to teach while we were in the North. It is actually designed to teach the Burmese. She teaches for about two hour three days a week. Currently there are three students that faithfully attend. 

Ministry wise we are doing well also. Church attendance has not gone down even though we did lose a few while we made the leadership change. We lost a few and gained a few as well so that is great. I guess you can expect to lose a few. We have a helper that comes for every service to "translate". I prepare notes in English and have three different ladies assist in translating to Thai for my assistant to read and follow along. Not the best way but it is working well as we are both challenged in our language study. Me in Thai and her in English. We have many Moken members that cannot read or write, and it is hard for them to get the Word of God on there own. So we started a Bible reading study twice a month where we read two chapters one at a time and have a time of questions and discussion after each one. We are currently going through the book of Matthew. The beattitudes was a great reading study as there were many questions and discussions of how that is to apply to our lives and exactly what is meant. So far this has been a huge blessing.

And that is what we have been up to lately God Bless.

Photos from top to bottom: A tour of the bay in Krabi while on retreat, You find the strangest things at the marketplace!, Remind me never to eat at this restaurant! what is that first special menu item again?

Prayer Requests:
Continued spiritual growth
Health in the family
Upcoming CCVV mission team
Spreading of the Gospel
Finances (monthly, Furlough)
Language training