Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Praise the Lord for he is good!

 This month has been pretty busy. However, that is not always a bad thing.
Joe received his TEFL certificate in the mail this last month. It could not have come at a better time. That means Joe is certified and trained to make English curriculum. The last 3 weeks or so the Thailand team has been working on setting up a daycare center for Burmese children. In which we are free to share the gospel with the children and able to have bible classes. Last week we held a one day training for the teachers. Sam has been diligently going everyday to help them get on a schedule and to help with the kids and teach them English while she is there. I (Sarah) have been designing a curriculum that will work for them, consisting of Math, English, Thai and Bible for now. Joe has been overseeing the process of setting up and building of the lessons, training and scheduling. We will have a practice day every Monday through Friday until next month when the daycare opens. I am so blessed to be a part of this. If you have read my previous post from the month of March I believe, we are helping in this to bring glory to the Lord and in memory of the little girl named Sin. My prayer is that the Lord and his love would be made know through this daycare and it would be a place of refuge for children Matthew 19:14.
We are still going to Kamala and Patong every Friday and Saturday. Still going and making ourselves known and building rapport in the area with the people. We are still praying for open doors in the areas of Kamala and Patong. We have been looking for a house in the surrounding areas of Patong and Kamala. At the moment we are very limited of time and days when we can go there, due to the fact that we live about an hour and a half away.
This last week we made our every three month trip to Burma for our visas. This trip tops all the trips we have ever made. It was kinda one of those days when you wake up and just know. Of course we got a late start. Then we were driving and Joe and I both knew that the truck was going to break down.  And sure enough about half way to Burma the transmission broke. Many Thai people of course stopped to help. After about an hour of explaining to about 5 different people what happened someone helped us get a tow truck. We were smack dab in the middle of two towns. We waited about another half an hour and they showed up towed us to the next town. Joe and I were standing there talking with the mechanic and  I felt the peace of The Lord come over me and I looked at Joe and said it will be ok. Pastor Echo was able to contact a Christian brother in the area and he took us the rest of the way to the border. Went an hour by boat to Burma got stamped and came back to Thailand. Walked down a few allies and got a ride back to the truck at the mechanics. Waited for about another hour and they were finished. They had the truck taken apart, transmissions rebuilt and put back together in 8 hours. Then we drove 4 hours to Baan Naam Khem stayed the night there and in the morning we headed 2 hours south home! This all happened in a 24 hour period! Looking back I see the hand of God the whole way.
The kids are all doing well. They have picked up so much of the language on the playground at school. Jacob, Tyler and Marissa are having so much fun going to school and are now able to somewhat read and write in Thai. All subjects are done in Thai. I can hardly believe it when I am trying to help Marissa with her homework and she is writing away in Thai. Praise the Lord one of our teenage neighbor girls comes over to help Marissa with her homework. Jacob and Tyler rarely need help they just get it! I think it is so awesome! Sorry had a proud moma moment. Jacob last night was able to play a worship song on the guitar and sing it in Thai. And for some reason the neighbor kids tend to flock to Tyler he is like a big brother and just loves on them all.  Joey is attending online school and graduates 8th grade in 20 days. IN September he will start his first year of high school! Where has time gone! Joey tops us all with language he can read, write and speak Thai more than any of us. He is self taught except when we had a reading teacher for a few months. Praise the Lord for his amazing things has done in and through my family.

Prayer Request:
-Burmese Daycare
-Ministry for Kamala-Patong area
-The right house in the right area
-Prayer for the people of Thailand
Teacher training for daycare

Trip to Burma by boat

Sam and her new bike

In memory of Sin.You will always be remembered.