Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As Sarah and I were sitting on our porch last night I asked her does it seem real yet? After a long list of all the "problems" of being here she said yes it's real. I thought that funny because that is not at all what I was thinking, I was sitting there in pure awe of the things the Lord has done in our lives over the last few years. To me that is unreal. What a glorious God we serve that would call us out of darkness and into this life. Who could have imagined we would end up in another country serving such a God? Not in my wildest dreams! Is it real we are not in the comfort of America? Absolutely! Can I believe it not yet. All is going very well, we are definitely getting settled into our home and what a blessing it is to be on our own. It is nice to be able to walk out the back door to use the restroom (that is actually where it is) or to stand in the restroom and pour cold water on ourselves to shower. I say that kinda being funny but really we are so blessed to have our own place. School is going well, I have I think five classes right now, the rest of the time I am traveling to teach or accompany Pastor Angel while he teaches. Monday night English study through James started last week and everyone is either very graceful or they enjoyed it, I hope for the latter. We are putting a Thanksgiving dinner together for us and the rest of the Americans, currently there are three others. Sarah is very excited by this and just having something to do is a blessing. Kids are all fine and will be starting school again in the next few days, it has been very hard out of suitcases and disorganized bu we have a classroom set up and that will be on its way. Praise the Lord. Thanks for all the prayers and support. God Bless

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From the Nelson's

Hello Everyone,
Really wanted to say hello myself. And say thanks as Mike already has. All is going very well and we are staying BUSY. God is so Good to sustain us through this time of adaptation. It has been very smooth, considering. There was a small miscommunication for our prayer requests, it was our plane tickets not our visas to be taken care of over the phone, they are for now in January I will have to go to Manilla to get them changed out further. Our visas will be taken care of in person during December on the other side of the Island please pray for the finances. Now that that is out of the way, Sarah just walked in the door, her first trip to market without me she is so excited it is so funny. Has anybody else checked out the little map to the right, it is cool it shows every place somebody has visited our blog from, if you have not check it out, it is cool atleast to me, there are people visiting from places I don't even think I know people, God is definitely moving in the hearts of the people. Next Friday we are going to try to put on a Thanksgiving day/birthday meal for the Americans here. As some of you know it is also Sarah and Joey's spiritual birthday. Well I think that is all for now just wanted to drop a line personally, Mike is doing a great job, huh. Praise the Lord for the faithful service of not only Mike but so many others.

1 Timothy 4:10 For to this end we both labor and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe.

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

For those who don't know, a number of people from church contributed for the needs of the Nelson family and we sent a couple of boxes over to them. It's such a blessing to see God's people coming together and standing with our missionaries!! The sad part is that boxes get shipped there via rowboat piloted by a one-armed man. So, needless to say, it takes about seven weeks for the boxes to arrive. Nevertheless, the items will serve to help Joe and Sarah and the kids minister to many people.

Monday night service - Joe is teaching James
Every other Tuesday morning, Joe is teaching at the prison (next week, 11/23, is next in his bi-weekly rotation).
Every other Thursday morning, Joe is teaching at the city jail (this is Joe's week in his bi-weekly rotation).
Friday night youth group.
Bible studies at nearby locations to be determined.
Hospital ministry.
Opportunities to witness to neighbors and locals 
Visa renewal to go smoothly and to be able to do it over the phone instead of having to go to Manilla.
Youth ministry. They have their own worship and the young people attend five days each week. 

Joey is doing well. His bandage is off of his foot now.
Sarah has good and bad days. Please continue to pray for her health.

Looks like they'll be moving in on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. A few things remain to be completed but it looks like all is going well.

Joe, Sarah, and family are adjusting well. Communication is not a major problem since most people seem to speak English. A Skype call is in the works for maybe next Wednesday, Nov. 24th. It will be conducted during the church service if all goes according to plan.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and generosity in helping the Nelsons out. All that you've done is faith in action! It's being DOERS of the Word and not just hearers. (James 1.22). It's showing our faith by our works as James also says in James 2.18.

Until next time, God bless you all! Be sure to keep the Nelsons in your daily prayers and be sure to email them if you can.

In His service,

Mike Larsen

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Now EVERYONE can post comments!!

Hi gang. I re-configured the blog so that you can either type your name and post a message or just post a comment anonymously. It was previously configured so that only people registered with Live Journal, Wordpress, TypePad, and others could post.
Make sure to leave a comment and let the Nelsons know you're thinking of them!! 

In His service,

Mike Larsen

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey everyone,
Just a quick note we are here, we are fine and things are going well. We have hit a few minor bumbs in the road but God is faithful and good. Amen?