Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Hello everyone, figured I would start with an apology for again staying out of touch, but have been working through a lot and waiting for the details to be worked out. Though everything is not concrete, we have a plan and we would like to share it with you all. I am sure many of you have already heard some news but most likely not all.

We will be headed to the US this year for a long Furlough. Our current plan is 1 year, though that is one of the many things still being worked through. There are several things that we would like accomplished prior to return, if they take more or less time we are ok with that. There are several reasons for this furlough, but the main reasons are we are TIRED, and our kids are getting older, Joey is 18 and Jacob 16. Many missions organizations require furlough much more often than we have had, several even require 1 year off for every 4 on the field. By our arrival we will have been 7 years on the field.  When we returned June 2016 our plan was to focus on and complete turning the fellowship over to men that we have been raising up and return after about 1 visa (15 months), though we only told a few people. That is basically still our plan so let me lay it all out.

With our children getting older and becoming adults we feel there are things that we as parents need to provide. Jacob for instance has a very strong desire to finish his education in the US at a High School then continue on to college. This has been a desire of his now for several years and this is something we support and want to facilitate as best as possible.

Jacob is enrolled in school that begins in August. Sarah, Jacob, Marissa have purchased tickets to fly back July 28. This allows for about 1 month to prepare for school. Unfortunately, Tyler and myself will need to stay back a few months until help arrives. We know this is not ideal, but as of now this is how it is. We have been in talks with a very good friend named "Chaz" that lives in San Francisco and works closely with Francis Chan. He will be coming to continue training up the leaders and supporting them in their new found roles. He isn't available until the last week in Sept. or first week in Oct. thus the delay in our departure. Tickets are actually least expensive Oct 13-14 so at the current that is when we will return. Chaz's ministry is to make disciples, training them to make disciples and continue on down that path. That will be his focus here as well. Training the guys here to evangelize, make disciples that would then go out and make more, while supporting them as the New leaders of New Beginnings Calvary Chapel Patong. This is really an exciting time, Jack who I have been working with now for almost 3 years, has recognized the calling on his life and is willing to do whatever the Lord wants. As we were talking tonight he just kept on saying "here I am". He speaks Nepalese, Burmese, English, Thai, and Hindi. Though he cannot teach in all these languages he can speak them, his vision for ministry is to reach the Burmese/Nepalese community here in Patong and "plant" a fellowship. Aland is a Chinese Malaysian, he mostly speaks English. He will be taking my place as the leader of the International "English" portion of ministry. While we finish out our time assisting this change will be our main focus.

Upon our arrival we will be seeking employment to support our family needs during our time Stateside, I have already  sought and found "as I need" employment. We will "furlough" (no ministry, fundraising, seeking speaking engagements etc.) for several months, getting some rest and much needed family time.  In February, we will return to Phuket, checking on the work here and also we would like to "scout" some different areas of ministry. There are several places on the radar right now, India, Cambodia, as well as several different locations here in Thailand. It is our desire to do this trip with a team of people that can help us assess the different opportunities and pray for direction. Upon return from this trip with the direction of the Lord we will begin to work on our relaunch and return to the field. We will not, aside from an act of God, be returning to Phuket.

We understand this most likely creates many questions, please feel free to send all questions to my email; pastor-joe@nbccp.org.

We have several areas of prayer
As of last week Chaz needs an accountability partner to launch. The man that was to join him turns out... is not able.
Figuring everything out.
Change of Leadership
Strength and courage for Aland and Jack
Details, details, details...

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works to the LORD  And your plans will be established.
Proverbs 16:6 The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Years End

Yet another year draws to an end... We have had one of the busiest months ever this month, December. We hosted our first YWAM team, and we had a blast serving the Lord. As a fellowship we baked and passed out about 400 cookies, sang countless Christmas Carols, about 12 hours worth, did an English camp, Christmas "camp" and spent an amazing time with some new Burmese friends, just to name a few. I name those as those were the highlights. You can see all the pictures below. For my family and I the Burmese outreach was phenomenal! We have been praying and trying to get into the local Burmese work camps now for almost 3 years, the Lord finally opened the door! We decided this would be our (NBCCP) BIG project for the Christmas season. Turns out there are just over 200 adults and about 10 kids under 3 years of age. As a fellowship we were able to amass a fund of nearly $700 to bless this camp. Although I am sure, without a doubt, the inhabitants of the  camp were blessed, those that were able to attend were blessed far beyond measure. With the funds collected we were able to purchase a "hygiene" gift bag for every person, man, woman and child, that lives in the camp. Each bag contained toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and a Christmas Gospel track. In addition to this everyone that showed up got at least 1 Kilo (2.24 lbs) of rice. The children each received a hygiene pack, rice, a large wash basin, a rubber jumper, and a stuffed animal. The YWAM team performed a gospel drama, and we had a team of Burmese Christians to sing Christmas carols in their native tongue. Pastor Ehkhaw make the trip down from Ban Nam Khem to assist with the Gospel and translation. After all was said and done two amazing things happened. When we offered prayer for anyone who needed it...EVERY man woman and child rushed up for us to pray for them. I even asked Pastor Ehkhaw did he offer to pay them or something? I have never seen that large of a group of people rush forward for prayer before, especially the Burmese who are usually much more reserved than that. Talking with Pastor Ehkhaw afterwards I asked him what happened and why was it like this, he answer was very simple yet profound, "Because they know they need it." The second amazing thing is we are invited back Sunday January 8th to show the Jesus film and once again present the Good News, that Jesus the Messiah, saves.

God Bless each and every one of you, our friends, family and supporters! We hope you had a wonderfully blessed Christmas, and a just as blessed New Years.

Everyone receiving Prayer
Look at this group! Surrounded by the saints in prayer

Brother Jack introducing and sharing

These are our new friends

Singing Carols in Burmese

Some of the men out for the party

Enjoying the gift

Mostly paying attention

Christmas Eve Worship on the Beach

A Very warm welcom
Christmas Morning @ New Beginnings Calvary Chapel Patong
Bouncy toys

Going away blessed
Yes it is CHRISTMAS! Notice the cold weather clothing?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pressing on

As most of you know by now Thailand is in a state or mourning. The longest reigning monarch passed away October 13. Things are carrying on mostly as normal, although there are some changes, for example, it is requested for this month all our clothes honor the mourning process, so we are dressing in dark colors. The entertainment industry was shut down mandatory 3 days and was then extended out to 7 days with differing stipulations. It is a sad time, especially for the Thai people but having spent the last 5 years here has taught us alot about the kind of leader he was, and there is also a sense of sadness for us, not only that of a sympathetic manner. Please continue to pray for Thailand during this time, the "official" mourning is for a year so we will see what the time brings.

Ministry is doing well, always ups and downs. We have been having alot of conversations about the possibility of a "home" for women, what it would look like, how much it would cost, who would run it and who would the partners be. This has been a huge area of great success and there is currently only one other ministry that is praying about and walking slowly in faith to work with these women. We live in one of the top sex tourism destinations in Thailand and this is a very pressing issue. Our goal is always the Gospel and God Word. Please pray for this as well and more information will be given as we have it. The church, as it seems with most, take 3 steps forward 2 steps back, always progressing always pressing in to Jesus, and always being tested. The Lord is good and leadership training continues, outreach continues and we are always looking for opportunities to share His word. We have been visiting the local university again and that is always a wonderful time of building relationships with the next generation of public school teachers. Excited to see what comes of this in the future.

Lastly but not leastly WE HAVE A NEW MAILING ADDRESS for donations. Please send all donations to the new address: Grace Across Asia PO box 1852 Diamond Springs, CA 95619. We are with the same organization they have just changed their address.

We covet your prayers, so please keep them coming!

One of the classes at Phuket Rajabhat University